“Very happy with service and glad they could fix the issue the first time.”

“Always very prompt and very professional service.”

“They have always been there for every call in a decent time – and every time they fix an issue – it has stayed working.”

“Great service, every time – Rich, Ron, and Marc are great!”

“Satisfied with our service and prices – Techs know what they are doing and always get the issue fixed.”

“They always come and do the job correctly – we really like working with Ron and Marc.”

“Always professional and come in a timely manner – they get the issues fixed.”

“They have always been responsive – always come in a timely manner even though we are located 2 hours away.”

“We Especially like Anthony & Chris – always personable, experienced, and always fix the issue.”

“We’ve been with Gasoline Equipment a long time – we love working with them. They are always courteous and provide good timely service.”

“Excellent job – they let me know everything they were going to do and explained things in detail to me. Very personable and I liked that.”

“We had a couple different issues and Anthony fixed all of it with no problem. They always keep us up and running – most of the time we don’t know the problem so we call you guys.”

“On our construction job, the crew got in, did the job and got out. Everyone knew what to do and when to do it – we love the technicians at Gasoline Equipment.”

“We’ve used you for a long time and are always pleased with the response time and work performed. Knowledgeable in all aspects of their work.”

“Got in, got done quickly, always a pleasure having Doug here – we’ve used Gasoline Equipment for years and are always pleased.”

“They really do a great job – always respond promptly when I call.”

“Ron did a great job – got it fixed, quick!”

“Anthony is a very nice guy – taught me how to read a tank gauge and explained in detail what he was working on.”

“Every time I call, they always answer my questions or schedule at a decent rate to get here – always explain and get the issues fixed.”

“Terry is always a pleasure on site to work with. Everyone at Gasoline Equipment is always courteous and on time – and they get the job done.”

“We always enjoy Gasoline Equipment’s arrival. They always do a great job, fast; and we always know we will get an issue fixed.”

“Always great working with Doug – he always takes care of any issues correctly the first time!”

“When Terry comes out all is great! He knows exactly what he is doing.”

“Everything went very well – They do the job well and are knowledgeable.”

“We Love Gasoline Equipment – really appreciative of their knowledge – they’ve gone above and beyond to help us.”

“Terry is the best Service Tech in the Biz – if its broken he can fix it!”

“We’ve never had a problem when Marc or Anthony or anybody from Gasoline Equipment comes – they always fix the issue and explain things. Would never go with anyone else.”

“Gasoline Equipment is always good – Chris is always great. The job gets done correctly and we’ve known Chris a long time – he’s a good person.”

“Our call with Gasoline Equipment was really good – very satisfied.”

“All went great, Chris did his job, answered questions, we greatly appreciate Gasoline Equipment.”

“Ron is a sweetheart – he got us up and running after being in a corner for 2 days – always does a great job – we love you guys!”

“Service at Gasoline Equipment is always excellent – Doug is great!”

“Gasoline Equipment comes and always fixes the issues!”