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New requirements are in effect for site operator inspections as well as annual line and leak detector tests and triennial inspections for sumps. Gasoline Equipment is strengthening our efforts to help customers remain compliant and avoid violation notices.

We have added a test trailer for sump inspections and are also adding new test equipment as well as updating our Ohio certifications. As we move ahead, we want to support our customers’ compliance efforts and stand ready to assist them with their particular site needs. While the regulations may read as “one size fits all” there are always different adaptations required based on the individual site.

We are a member of the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI) and perform tests to PEI Standard RP1200, which is directly referenced in Federal and State regulations.


Our certified technicians can help handle:

  • Tank & tank monitor testing and inspections
  • Piping system LLD tests and pressure tests
  • Containment sump inspections, cleaning and testing
  • Spill bucket inspections and tests
  • Overfill device inspection and testing
  • Annual tracking and scheduling of your testing requirements
  • Cathodic and impressed system testing
  • Dispenser calibration
  • Audit services for monthly inspection requirements


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Please let us know how we can help you remain compliant with the specific regulations that apply to your site. One size does not fit all! Call to schedule your appointment today.


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