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Gasoline Equipment Services is your resource for site compliance, particularly with the 2015 EPA Regulations taking effect in Ohio in 2018, and IDEM Regulation updates planned in mid-2018. We are a member of the Petroleum Equipment Institute (PEI), and perform tests to PEI Standard RP1200, which is directly referenced in Federal and State Regulations. Our Certified Technicians can help you handle:

  • Tank and tank monitor testing and inspections
  • Piping system (LLD) tests and pressure tests
  • Containment sump inspections, cleaning and testing
  • Spill bucket inspections and tests
  • Overfill device inspection and testing
  • Annual tracking and scheduling of your testing requirements

We also provide cathodic impressed current system testing, dispenser calibration, and an audit service for your monthly inspection requirements.

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Inspection & Testing Services
    • Piping System (LLD) Tests and Pressure Tests
    • Spill Bucket Inspections and Tests
    • Containment Sump Inspections, Cleaning and Testing
      • Tank and Tank Monitor Testing and Inspections
      • Overfill Device Inspection and Testing
      • Annual Tracking and Scheduling of Your Testing Requirementss
Featured Project
indy 500 fuel station

Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Service & Maintenance

Gasoline Equipment maintained and made sure that the gas pumps were in perfect working order for the Brickyard 400 NASCAR race.

We also service the pumps at Indianapolis Motor Speedway as they sell racing fuel to retail customers.

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