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Just prior to a planned fly-in event at the Wabash airport, the jet fuel system developed a leak in the delivery mechanism. Airport management contacted Gasoline Equipment with an urgent request to repair the system, which also fuels the Lutheran Air Helicopter housed in Wabash.

Our Technician that normally handles jet fuel systems was unavailable, so the Design and Project Manager stepped in to help the customer. After diagnosing the issue, Gasoline Equipment contacted the manufacturer to obtain a non-stock part, picked it up, and repaired the system in Wabash.

During the repair, an airplane struck a runway light and closed the runway. Since we were on-site, Gasoline Equipment repaired the runway light, returning it to operation.

Gasoline Equipment seeks to serve our Customers’ needs, even when it is outside our normal scope of work. This also applies to other situations our Service Techs find at Customer sites.

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