parkview hospital

Services: Installation, Equipment Services

Parkview Hospital needed both a fuel system for backup generators and a dual helicopter fuel site on the roof of the new hospital. This meant pumping and managing jet fuel six stories above the tank and pumps.

We partnered with another company and made sure the system design met regulations and security requirements. Gasoline Equipment managed the fueling project installation, start-up, and continues to maintain the system in partnership with Parkview.

During the construction of the new Parkview North Hospital, Shanbaugh & Sons had been awarded the mechanical systems for the overall project. Gasoline Equipment supplied fuel systems for both the emergency generators and helicopter fueling. The helicopter fueling site was designed and installed to fuel two helicopters on the roof landing site. The system design, equipment, and installation was done jointly with Gasoline Equipment. This included the installation of two 40,000 gallon tanks, complete monitoring systems tied in to the building control system, fuel dispensing locations and control, and startup certification. Gasoline Equipment continues to provide service as needed and has recently upgraded the monitoring system for new requirements.

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