Service Technician

Brad Gribble works as a service technician here at Gasoline Equipment.

Purchasing/Inventory Manager

Nancy Fockler works as our Purchasing/Inventory Manager here at Gasoline Equipment.

Construction Technician

Mike Roose is a Construction Technician with Gasoline Equipment.

Sales Manager

Matt Peterson works as a Sales Manager here at Gasoline Equipment.

Service Technician

Doug spent 6 years in active duty with the US Air Force. He was stationed for 2 years at Hahn Air Force Base and 4 years at Travis Air Force Base in California. He learned his trade of liquid fuels maintenance in Civil Engineering. His primary duties at Gasoline Equipment Services include service and installation…

Accounting Associate

Nicole Saunders serves as an Accounting Associate at Gasoline Equipment, and her primary responsibility is managing accounts receivable. Nicole has 2 years of experience in the field after receiving her associate degree in applied science. Around the office, Nicole is always seen with a smile on her face and is known for her outgoing personality.…

Service Technician

Cory Hollingsworth is a Service Technician here at Gasoline Equipment. His primary role includes performing service and maintenance on customer equipment. In the office, Cory brings a laid back and quirky personality to the team. Prior to joining us at Gasoline Equipment, Cory did mold, fire, smoke, and water remediation for about 5 years.  

Sales and Office Manager

Since September 2017, Tim Alberda has served as a sales and office manager for Gasoline Equipment. Tim has spent 20 years in the field after receiving his bachelor’s degree in biology from IUPUI. His duties as sales and office manager include developing and maintaining business relationships with new and existing customers and partners, as well…

Sales Team

Harry Brown is a part of our warehouse and inside sales team at Gasoline Equipment. Harry has five years of experience in the field and has been with us since 2014. His duties include inventory control and inside sales, and when someone calls they always get a smile and help from Harry. Before Gasoline Equipment,…

Service Technician

Tery Bell works as a service technician here at Gasoline Equipment. Tery has 24 years of experience in the field after earning his associate’s degree in applied sciences. Outside of his work life, Tery enjoys woodworking and spending quality time with his family.